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Farmer partnerships: symbolic planting between generations to reinforce the importance of preserving our forests

By 15. April 2024April 23rd, 2024News Home

Ecological restoration is a legacy that passes from generation to generation. And for our project to be successful, it is necessary to create collective awareness about the importance of preserving and restoring our forests – not only among partner rural landowners, but among the children who will be responsible for that area in the future.

To celebrate this commitment and raise awareness among future generations, this year we carried out the symbolic planting of native trees with our rural landowner partner and his nephew! Check out the video below:

These trees will grow together with the children who, in the future, will be responsible for protecting our forests.

We are extremely proud to have partners who, like us, are aware that preserving and restoring our forests is the path to a better future for everyone.

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