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BJF Diamond team trip 2018: A true experience!

By 2. September 2018October 13th, 2021News Home

This August some of our dedicated team members went on an official BJF expedition to the Araguaia Corridor: the 2nd BJF Diamond Team Trip to date.

The Diamond team was made up of our great supporters Natascha and Floris Wouterson and their children, Camille and Cédric. Natascha and Floris are the owners of the bedroom furniture store, sleepwise. You can learn more about them and their involvement with the BJF here. The trip was organised as a thank you for their continued support over the last few years and to show them the reality of our grand mission. Our founder, Ben Valks, our Forest Engineer, Carlos Eduardo Batista, our Partnership Coordinator, Francisco Macedo and Project Coordinator, Ivan Nisida also went along on the trip to remind themselves of the beauty of the Araguaia and the importance of the mission we are undertaking

This trip had a few goals: (1) visit our new nurseries in two farms (Guaíra and Santa Fé) (2) to present the pristine nature of the Araguaia river and Cantão State Park to our Dutch colleagues, the very nature they try to protect by supporting the BJF (3) team-building sessions to strengthen the bond between BJF Brazil and Holland.

We planted seeds and seedlings, installed camera traps, made trekking trails in the jungle and went on sunset boat rides. Greeted with the sight of river dolphins and emas, we had the chance to apprehend the beauty that lies within the Corridor and the challenges that need to be faced in order to make the Araguaia Corridor a biodiversity corridor once more.