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Our planting team is growing to support the increasing number of planted trees

During the current planting season, we have been increasing our team alongside our number of planted trees! By carefully selecting 27 highly motivated individuals to help with the planting stage in our restoration sites located in the farms of Santa Fé and Serra Morena, we aim to make the most out of the prolonged rainy season.  

The planting team is currently carrying our direct seeding and planting our remaining seedlings. They have also started the maintenance process for trees planted at the start of the rainy season. The three-year maintenance element that follows the planting process is crucial in the restoration of healthy ecosystems.  

In addition, three more female professionals will start working in our new nursery in May, to ensure the inauguration of our new nursery and its smooth operation.  

Our forest engineers have also been working hard to implement new work safety measures, to ensure well-being in our planting sites!  

The picture below shows some of the newest members of our ever-growing planting team holding a their special easter 2022 surprise