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Get inspired by the Stammeshaus-Wietsma family and promote the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor amongst your friends and family!

By 19. May 2024May 23rd, 2024News Home

Today we want to spotlight an amazing family that has been supporting us throughout the years and that serves as an example to many of us!

Fred Stammeshaus is a social entrepreneur who initiated numerous local initiatives both in the Netherlands and around the world, with social and environmental impact. He got to know the Black Jaguar Foundation some years ago and is now proudly supporting BJF by donating trees, compensating his carbon footprint and those of others, as well as supporting our mission by spreading the word.

Fred is therefore serving as an true example that by supporting us every now and then with some trees, you can make a huge difference for us!

A BIG APPLAUSE for the whole Stammeshaus-Wietsma family and the support giving to our mission. We hope you are as inspired by this family as we are!

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