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Landowner creates the ‘farm of the future’

By 22. May 2019October 13th, 2021News Home

“We are country people, farmers for a better world.” – Guilherme Tiezzi

Our dedicated partner and landowner – Guilherme Tiezzi- is setting an inspiring example. Tiezzi is turning his land into a ‘Farm of the Future’, situated in Caseara in the state of Tocantins, between the Amazon and Cerrado Biome.

Tiezzi is implementing a innovative land use model that works in harmony with nature and the surrounding community. We couldn’t be more impressed with his work. He is considering nature as a valuable element in its own right, not just a good for consumption.

The farm of the future focuses on seven areas: reforestation, ecotourism, forest school, livestock and green agriculture, network entrepreneurship, spirituality and renewable energy. Each dimension ramifies into smaller projects that all also interact with each other.

There are 14 projects distributed throughout these 7 dimensions. Examples of projects are: creating a jungle lodge to encourage sustainable ecotourism, developing entrepreneurial training schemes in Bio-Agri-Business, starting a seed bank (which already has 10 thousand seeds for seedling production).

One of the focuses of the new farm is ecological restoration, aiming to encourage the creation and maintenance of the forests on his land. Tiezzi therefore supports the BJF in its mission through a multitude of ways. For instance through a BJF partnership to build together a nursery to grow seedlings for native trees. This is integral to the BJF’s work, as we now have the facilities and the space to grow our seedlings for his farm and neighbouring farms in and around the Caseara area.

Tiezzi and his inspiring ‘Farm of the Future’ is truly visionary. It is a case study of how agriculture and agribusiness can be sustainable, productive and be a driving force for community development.

Image 2: The ‘farm of the future”s seven areas of focus