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Arben – Estudos e Consultoria Ambiental

By 22. May 2019March 14th, 2023News Home

We are very proud to announce a new technical partner has recently joined our mission. Arben – Estudos e Consultoria Ambiental, a highly qualified and vibrant environmental consulting company from São Paulo, has offered to contribute to the creation of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. Arben specialise in studies, licensing and environmental services. Their very qualified team will help our forest engineers with mapping and the development of new ecological restoration techniques.

However, Arben also want more. Their associates want to leave a legacy on the world by sponsoring their own restoration site in the Araguaia region.  Here, new direct seeding restoration techniques can be developed and improved. The scientific knowledge generated in these experiments may help with the restoration of other parts of the Cerrado and the Amazon.

Due to the vastness of the Araguaia Corridor, each of our partners has a special role to play in its creation. Arben works on the premise that other technical restoration partners should not be viewed as competition. Instead they are opportunities for collaboration and complementation. This new partnership will especially complement the pacts we have in place with our current restoration partners.The BJF are honoured to have Arben participating in this journey.