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Meet the latest BJF hero…

By 3. March 2020October 13th, 2021News Home

We are extremely pleased to announce that another landowner in the corridor region has joined our grand mission. Introducing Fazenda Cedro! Also known as Fazenda H3C, the farm is located in the municipality of Santana do Araguaia, Pará State, in the heart of the Corridor.

Originally from the south and southeast of Brazil, owners, Clóvis and Regina Molke, are proud to be a traditional family of farmers who always seek to produce with respect for the environment. Regina emphasises the need to take care of natural resources, commenting that without these, agricultural activity itself becomes infeasible. At the property, special care is taken with actions such as waste disposal and they are involved in the fight against forest fires. Clóvis and Regina’s son, Luiz Eduardo Molke, is studying to become an agronomist, following the family tradition and contributing to the discussion surrounding the sustainable future of the farm.

It is natural for farmers to be concerned with conserving forests within their properties, Regina commented, “Trees are very important for the environment, it is through the forest that the groundwater is preserved, and with that both the soil and the quality of the air are improved. People who have always lived on the land are more aware of this and more willingly preserve it.”

She continued, “BJF’s initiative to reforest and assist in this process is very important and will greatly accelerate the recovery of areas of the forest. As a consequence, the fauna will also benefit, with birds, turtles, mammals, and reptiles being allowed more space and more food to survive.”

Why are landowners such an important part of our mission?

We rely on creating partnerships with farmers in the region who then allow us to reforest areas of their land which have become degraded. These landowners are obliged by Brazilian law to preserve native vegetation in at least 20% of their land. These areas are called legal reserve (RL) and permanent protection areas (APP). We provide financial and technical support to help farmers adhere to the law, meanwhile restoring biodiversity, water security, soil quality and so much more.

Find out more about our partnerships with farmers along the corridor.

Published 5th March, 2020