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Filmmaker Martin Rother creates amazing video for BJF

By 4. April 2018October 13th, 2021News Home

German filmmaker Martin Rother heard about the Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) goal of realizing the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil from our team members Floris & Natascha Wouterson and kept the idea in mind. Once Rother looked the project up online and found out he could be part of one of the largest reforestation projects on Earth, he did not hesitate: “I knew instantly that I wanted to support this organization,” he says. The next day he made the donation and became an official BJF Supporting Friend.

But Rother has not only become a friend and donor of the BJF, he has gone on to do more. The filmmaker created a special video for the project. “I wanted to do something which would emotionally touch people and push them to think about their habits,” he explains. Rother used images from the Araguaia Corridor zone, combining shots of nature and devastation with powerful words in an almost three-minute-long production.

“It is a big but also a realistic opportunity to give something back to Earth”, says Martin Rother about BJF’s project

“Films can deeply move the heart of people. The positive outcome could be the change in their own lives. The most important thing is changing thoughts,” Rother believes. He is convinced that everyone can play a role in the journey to a better world, as role models for others every single day. “It is in our hands and it is our responsibility,” he concluded.

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