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Exciting progress on the construction of the 2021 Nursery!

By 13. December 2021October 2nd, 2022Allgemein, News Home

The construction of our 2021 new nursery is making great progress. The start of this grand undertaking on the 3,6 hectares of land was made in March this year. Although , the works are still in full process and we had some delays at the startwe couldn’t wait to share all the progress on the ground with you!  

So far, the 3,6 hectares of terrain habeen levelleda bridge for access constructedfence and lighting masts and a water well have all been built and installedCurrently the construction of the warehouse and office / cold seed storage buildings now in completion. We are proud of how all is coming together, and are excited for all the seedlings, and the the lasting impact this nursery will make on all our lives! Only with the valuable support of our sponsor-partners this is made possible, thank you once more!  

To give you a peek preview of the progress made in October and November, scroll down below to view some of the pictures of the next exciting phase of the construction: