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The BJF supports Blood Donations in Santana do Araguaia

By 29. July 2022August 3rd, 2022News Home

Donating blood is an important action that saves lives. The “red June” movement aims to shed light on this and incentivize blood donations all over Brazil. To celebrate this movement, the Black Jaguar Foundation supported a blood donation campaign in Santana do Araguaia (PA).

The event happened on the 25th of June, and was organized by Santana do Araguaia’s Municipal Secretary of Health.

Throughout the day, professionals working for HEMOPA (Fundação Centro de Hemoterapia e Hematologia do Pará), were available at the Escola de Tempo Integral Dr. Wagner Pereira da Silva, to collect blood from donors.

The Black Jaguar Foundation supported this action, and incentivized sponsor and landowner partners to participate.

Some of our team members that work in different cities also strengthened the campaign by donating from different regions. Carol Sacramento, our Development Coordinator, donated in São Paulo, while Ben Valks, our initiator, donated in Brasilia.

At the end of the day, HEMOPA managed to collect 96 packs of blood, which will certainly have a great positive impact in the region.

For every donation made, the BJF provided a native tree seedling to be planted in the donor’s garden or farm!