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Black Jaguar & UvA-Orkest J.Pzn Sweelinck Orchestra: benefit concert for the planet

By 6. March 2024March 21st, 2024News Home

Last Friday March 1st, we had the opportunity to host, together with the J.Pzn Sweelinck UvA Orchestra (University of Amsterdam), a benefit concert to raise funds for the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

The concert was hold in a special venue in Amsterdam, in an old church in the center of Amsterdam, which allows for an amazing place for a (classical) concert as well as for us to (re)present Black Jaguar Foundation.

Our initiator, Ben Valks, presented Black Jaguar Foundation and after the amazing concert we had the opportunity to socialize with all the supporters. We celebrated a GREAT evening together with partners, family, friends, and potential partners.

We would like to happily share some images of the event and thank all of you for the continuous support. Together we are realizing one of the biggest ecological restoration projects on Earth and creating a better world for the future generations!

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