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Promoting the BJF mission with Google Ad Grants!

By 3. August 2023News Home

Have you come across ads from the Black Jaguar Foundation on Google when searching for terms related to ecological restoration? Great news! This is because we have been awarded Google Grants, which provides $10,000 monthly to promote the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor through ads on Google. 

Google did an extensive due diligence on our organisation and we are thrilled to let you know that we have been approved by yet another International partner.

How did we obtain Google Ad Grants?

To be approved for Google Grants, the organization must be nonprofit. The grant aims to increase social impact and connect people to causes that they are interested in. You can find out more about the Google Ad Grants requirements here 

After ensuring that the Black Jaguar Foundation met all the requirements for Google Ad Grants, we initiated the application process and created an account for Nonprofit Organizations on Google. 

 Once all these steps were completed and approved, we set up a Google Grants account, and from there, our Communications team began researching, studying, and working hard to launch our first campaigns! 

We have already placed some ads to promote our project of ecological restoration and have been sharing a lot of content related to environmental education. 

We believe that Google Ad Grants will allow us to give our mission more visibility and highlight the urgency of ecologically restoring our biomes, starting with the Amazon Rainforest and Cerrado Savanna.  

Become a part of this movement today! Support the Black Jaguar Foundation by sharing our content with your friends and family. 

 Let’s come together to create an even larger community capable of making a real difference and generating a positive impact on the Earth. 

Would you like to join us in realizing one of the longest biodiversity corridors on Earth? Become one of the First 600 to join our mission of hope and action HERE.