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FIDUC DAY: Investing in a healthier planet

By 29. June 2023News Home

As of this month, FIDUC, an investment management company, is launching a new system where all new financial planners donate a tree to join their network. Together, we are investing in a healthier planet for future generations!


As the number of investment platforms grows by the day, FIDUC, a start-up aiming to move away from traditional banking systems, offers a new solution.

Hoping to make the world of investment more accessible and democratic, FIDUC opens itself up to clients that are only able to invest relatively low amounts, all the way to profitable multinational companies.

The company was founded by Pedro Guimarães and Camila Requena. Find out more about their investment model on their website

Planting Trees with the Black Jaguar Foundation

FIDUC network is promoting a permanent campaign so that we can do some good together! With every donation, you also receive a personalised tree certificate, showing where your trees will be planted. This certificate  is emitted within 10 days.

Have a look at an example of  the tree certificate emitted for FIDUC’s investors and team:

Make your donation today and contribute to the realisation of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor!