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Biodiversity Update: Planting even more native tree species

By 3. August 2023News Home

Each planting season, our team learns even more about all the different native species we need in each restoration site, allowing us to improve the return of healthy ecosystems. See how we are contributing to enriching the region’s biodiversity.

Variety of native species planted in BJF restoration sites

Currently, we use about 73 different species of trees in our restoration projects! Among these, some are adapted to flooded soils, while others thrive in drier regions. Depending on the technique used in the restoration site, the key species planted differ.  Have a look below to find out more about the variety of species in our restoration sites: 

Direct Seeding
Planting Seedlings

In the planting stage, we divide the different species of seedlings into two groups: canopy and diversity. Both groups are then planted in the restoration site. Canopy trees are fast-growing and serve to provide shade to the area and rebuild the forest structure. On the other hand, diversity trees grow more slowly and should be planted in between the canopy seedlings.  

This variety of species furthers the success and quality of our restoration sites and increases biodiversity in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes!

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