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Baker Tilly – auditing firm: contracted by BJF

By 7. May 2021October 13th, 2021Allgemein, News Home

We are proud to announce we have contracted Baker Tilly, one of the top 10 global accounting & auditing firms. To have our financial processes and accounts in the Brazil and the Netherlands being consolidated and audited by a global well respected auditing firm, has been on our wish-list for many years.  Now, starting from Annual Report 2020 onwards, it is a fact.

We believe this collaboration to be a great fit, as Baker-Tilly holds industry specialization in the not-for-profit sector, and has good local representation in our countries of operation, with 13 offices in The Netherlands and 8 offices in Brazil. As we have a Brazilian and Dutch office, we work with both Baker Tilly Brazil, and Baker Tilly Netherlands. The company will help Black Jaguar Foundation increase its transparency, as it is leading our auditing process from beginning to end.

This is the first time Baker-Tilly is engaging in auditing, with the project led by Renato Ruiz, the director of the firm. Baker-Tilly did a thorough job, asking for a lot of information and posed critical questions, but the mood between the Black Jaguar Foundation and the Baker-Tilly teams was synergetic and good-spirited. We spent three months auditing our books in Brazil, and 2 months in Holland. We have engaged in this collaboration, and this intensive work, in order to ensure that each Euro, or Real, given to us will be spent correctly and transparently. 

This independent audit, will help Black Jaguar Foundation to further increase its transparency towards you: Our vital sponsors and donors from all over the world.