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The start of the rainy season in Araguaia: launching the 23/24 planting season

By 17. October 2023October 19th, 2023News Home

The month of October marks the beginning of the rainy season in the Araguaia region, and with it, the initial stages of the 2023/2024 planting season. As you may know, ecological restoration is a far more complex process than simply planting trees. It requires careful planning and preparation for everything to go smoothly.

In these early weeks, our field team has started constructing and installing fences, preparing the areas that will be planted in the coming months, and mixing seeds for direct sowing, a technique commonly referred to as “muvuca.” Let’s delve a bit deeper into each of these processes.

Construction and installation of fences

The construction and installation of fences in specific planting areas are essential to protect the seedlings and ensure their proper growth. This is typically required in regions close to pastures to prevent cattle from trampling or grazing on newly germinated seedlings.

Preparation of restoration areas

During this stage, the Black Jaguar field team removes the grass in the planting areas and digs holes for the seedlings. This creates suitable conditions for native species to thrive when they are eventually planted.

Muvuca: mixing seeds for direct sowing
When does the actual planting begin?

During this rainy season, planting seedlings and direct sowing will start in January on our partner rural properties. Until then, we’ll continue to work tirelessly to ensure high-quality ecological restoration in the Araguaia region!

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