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Why we really need you?

By 24. January 2018October 13th, 2021News Home

Thanks to your dedication and support, 2018 marks the end of the many years of our Preparation phase during which we had the first cases of success on all fronts. Now we can finally enter the Fundraising & Implementation phase!

During the preparation phase, we built a healthy base for our foundation and our team grew to include over 140 professional volunteers from 14 different countries. We have been the fortunate recipients of free talent, free goods and free services from companies across five continents.

However, we’ve also learned that it takes more than sponsored goods and free services to plant a single tree – let alone millions of them. To be able to start planting trees and carrying out the mapping of the Corridor Zone’s 10.4 million hectares of land, your financial support is more vital than ever before!

Help us reach our next intermediate goal as part of our Pilot project: hiring our first forest engineer and building the first nurseries in 2018, and consequently planting the first 1 million native trees in 2019 in the heart of the Araguaia Corridor. Click below to become a BJF Friend today.