“We just want to look back and be sure we helped preserve the natural treasures we have for the future generations.



About our Company

We are a video producer company based in São Paulo with more than 13 years of experience in high-quality video-making. We are passionate about life stories, cinema and technology. Gathering it all together, when looking back during more than 10 years of constant work, we have noticed that we choose to do what really matters, capturing all moments with Love. The result is that we deliver an impressive high quality and cinematographic content.Our secret: every video production we started is unique and cared in a very criterious way. And from pre-production to the final video always using cutting-edge equipments and a engaged and specialized team.

How we relate to the BJF

We were fascinated by the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor project since we first met Ivan Nisida, and we were absolutely certain that this great idea would bring improvement to mankind. After a rich and pleasant conversation with Ben Valks, founder of the project, we have felt his commitment to save the rain forest and cerrado savana even been living overseas. His behavior touched us in a deeply way that we couldn’t be part of it. We support the BJF by recording and editing videos about their first pilot project to plant over 150.000 trees. We were glad and honored by the invitation to be partners of BJF and proud for being part of such a beautiful project.