Amstelveen Rotary Club

About us

Each other week the members of Rotary Amstelveen meet in Restaurant Kronenburg in Amstelveen (except the first Tuesday of the month). After a drink and a communal dinner,  a speaker from outside informs the club about an interesting topic. It also happens that this “speech” is replaced by more club-oriented matters, such as: discussing projects in which we work, a speaker from the private club of avenue v Commission meetings. As part of the Rotary Amstelveen we also have the ‘ Club of Six “meetings during the Tuesday evening meetings. These meetings, 5 x per year, the members discuss in small groups all kinds of topics and thus get to know each other even better.

How we relate to the BJF

Last April 2017, the Rotary Club Amstelveen organized a dynamic fundraising event: the Rotary Beach Volleyball Tournament! Twelve teams, one of which was a BJF Team, faced each other to share nice moments and raise funds for a good cause. The final result: € 8.000 in donations for the BJF! Thank you so much Rotary Amstelveen!