“As a family business we are very much aware of the importance to take care of future generations.”



About our Company

Established in 1955, Jan Zandbergen, World-Wide Quality in Meat, is an international player on the meat market and is extremely involved with the world of tomorrow. Jan Zandbergen imports high quality meat from all over the world to supply the European markets. Retailers, food services, wholesale and meat processing companies are among its customers, buying the highest quality of meat. Jan Zandbergen’s slogan, ‘The world is our farm, Europe our market – and we need to take care of that farm,’ seamlessly fits with the BJF’s project of Biodiversity Planning, where the BJF helps cattle farmers to transition into ecological and sustainable farming. In that way, farmers can produce more while still preserving the soil and the diversity of plant and animal life on their land.

How we relate to the BJF

“Responsibility is one of the core values of Jan Zandbergen. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means taking responsibility and showing commitment to man, society and the environment. As a (second generation) family business, we are very much aware of our future generations and the opportunities we must create, to leave the world a better place. It is our responsibility to cooperate in preserving and restoring our beautiful planet. We see many similarities between the BJF and Jan Zandbergen B.V.: ambition, quality, healthy growth and taking responsibility. It is for those reasons that Jan Zandbergen B.V. has embraced the BJF and is now a Diamond Friend to the Foundation. This way, we proudly contribute to a future for generations to come. Something we, as a family business, are especially aware of. It is our hope that the mission of the BJF will move you as much as it moved us, and that you too will get involved with this ambitious and marvelous project.”