“It’s not the big black cat that convinced me to get involved. It it’s the chance to be part of something that makes a difference.”


Serial entrepreneur – BJF Team

About me

Sjoerd van Schaaijk is part of the BJF Team in the Netherlands. He is a passionate parent and an entrepreneur in the technology and information sector. In 2002, he started the Bouwmeester Group, a co-owned company focused on Internet solutions. Basic Online is one of the company’s products, a digital workspace tailor-made to fit all needs of primary education. Sjoerd also explores the classic cars sector and  co-founded  a car restoration and classics sales company in 2011. His most recent endeavor is Torens Tilburg, a local craft beer brewery.

How I relate to the BJF

The Bouwmeester Group has been one of the first sponsor partners of the BJF, by creating, architecting and maintaining the first edition of the website of the BJF: all as a donation to the BJF. Sjoerd van Schaaijk: “I‘ve never been in the habit of losing myself completely in my professional life because of the urge to enjoy the private one. Being part of great initiatives like the BJF contributes to this enjoyment. It combines pro and private in a great way and inspires others, like the BJF keeps inspiring me.”