“Water the root to enjoy the fruit” – Maharishi



About our Company

‘Atlas Zone’ is a safe treatment of the first cervical vertebra on which the head rests. Malrotation of the atlas  often causes headaches, neck pain and other complaints. There is no cracking or manipulation. With the help of a device made in Switzerland, the muscles just below the skull are massaged in such a way that the first cervical vertebra can correct itself. This feels like a release. Usually only one treatment is needed plus a re-check.

Visit the Atlas Zone Website here: https://www.atlaszone.nl/


How we relate to the BJF

“Already at primary school I got fascinated by the stories about the Amazon forest being called the “Lungs of the Earth”.

Movies of Tarzan and Jane in the deep forest, and the fascinating video series of the ancient Prince Ram (pronounce Raam; later King Ram) sent in exile with his wife Sita into the deep forest of India, only strengthened my fascination of the almost mystical events of life in the forest.

Nowadays, the need of forestation and re-forestation seem to be more urgent than ever before.

I never forget how a client of mine mentioned the BJF while in treatment. It struck me like lightning. “This is definitely something I want to support”

Great goal of planting 2 billion trees and wonderful dedicated people working towards it. I feel it will happen and much sooner than we imagine.”

– Drs. Wim van den Berg