“We want to do our share in reducing greenhouse gases in combination with soil restoration and restoring wildlife habitat.”

Pius Floris

Managing Director

About our Company

Plant Health Cure is the market leader in mycorrhiza technology and soil biology. We supply products that improve the soil health and the capability to cultivate healthy and nutritious crops.
Our products increase the plants self-defence and enable them to naturally withstand infestations and insects. This makes possible to reduce drastically the use of pesticides and fertilisers. We propose a method of growing that takes natural processes better into account and that results in more sustainable green sectors.

How we relate to the BJF

The project that envelops greenhouse gases reduction, soil and wildlife habitat restoration is the one leaded by the Black Jaguar Foundation.
By replanting this corridor with native trees, we contribute to a better world, to our planet and to all people who live here. That is why the Plant Health Cure wholeheartedly supports the Black Jaguar Foundation.