“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”


Group Sustainability Director – MCI Group

About me

Based in Barcelona, Guy Bigwood has been Group Sustainability Director of MCI for the past nine years. He leads MCI’s internal sustainability teams and external sustainability services. His practice has delivered over 700 events about sustainability and energy around the world. He has worked on the UN Climate Change Conference COP15 and the World Water Forum. Extremely involved with this topic, he is also a regular speaker and facilitator at sustainability conferences, having delivered over 200 keynotes and trained over 25,000 people. In his free time, Guy continues with the sustainable practices and loves rock climbing in the mountains. Guy even has an organic garden at home!


How I relate to the BJF

From the very first meeting onwards, Guy has been a great supporter and advocate of the BJF. He has been connecting other NGOs in the field of conservation to the BJF and has given important advice and feedback which have positively impacted BJF’s strategy and core values to this day. Other than his great support in his role as Sustainability Director of MCI, he has become a Supporting Friend privately as well! Thank you, Guy, for your important role in the past and hopefully for many more years to come.