“To be is to be related.”


Landowner, Entrepreneur & BJF Team member

About me

Guilherme Tiezzi is a Brazilian entrepreneur and the owner of two cattle farms in the Araguaia Corridor zone. He is setting an important example for all cattle farmers in the Araguaia Corridor. Other than that, Guilherme is also the founder of Agenttia and a specialist in network design. Today, he is driven by the passion of building networks that connect people, nature and business. Managing a network for the civil construction sector (MATCON Forum) and the development of a coworking space (EDR) are two of his many projects. Finally, more recently, Guilherme has launched an ecotourism lodge at one of his farms in Caseara, Brazil, to provide immersive experiences between man and nature.

How I relate to the BJF

Guilherme is a major BJF partner, in many ways. First, he is a landowner of two cattle farms – and both integrate BJF’s pilot project. Therefore, he is a front runner of the Araguaia Corridor initiative. However, he plans not only to reforest his lands according to the Brazilian environmental laws, but also to better integrate his economic activity to native forests, thus transforming his farm into a model, a success case of an agroecological farm. Moreover, as a member of the BJF Team, Guilherme uses his experience as a network designer to strengthen the Araguaia Corridor project. Finally, Guilherme also became a Supporting Friend of BJF in 2016.