“Respect Mother Nature and live accordingly.”


Digital Business Manager

About me

Yoska van der Harten is a digital business specialist, involved in BJF’s communication strategy. She has extensive knowledge of the international digital industry, attuned to all the latest digital platform’s advances. Yoska manages to apply innovation in the marketing area, engaging the brand and their target audience.

How I relate to the BJF

“‘Respect Mother Nature and live accordingly.’ My number one life motto. And like many people, I did not escape the ‘western society rat race’, being a workaholic in a corporate world. Now I would like to set an example to my peers: you can plan some of your time to invest your valuable working experience and help build a better world. A better world starts with changing your own life.

Why I choose the Black Jaguar Foundation? The BJF crossed my path. Right timing, right person, right foundation: both the Amazon and black cats are my passions. And above all: I know we will succeed.”