“Let’s make the Araguaia Corridor jungle green again!”


Endurance athlete

About us

A graduate in economic science, Astrid is currently a professional endurance sports competitor. She has lived in many different countries, such as Portugal, Venezuela, England and the Netherlands, always cultivating her interest in ecotourism activities, sports and hiking. Wilco is her partner, who loves photography and taking part in those sports adventures with her.

How we relate to the BJF

Astrid raises funds for the BJF through her endurance races and even by selling unique portrait pictures. “As a Supporting Friend, I am very proud to help make the Araguaia Corridor zone a bit more jungle green again! Nowadays, the world is our playground with beautiful places to visit, but we should maintain it so next generations can also benefit and enjoy! I saw the BJF growing from the start and I am confident that its very dedicated worldwide team  can make a noticeable difference!’’