“I will inspire other companies in Germany to get involved too.”

Dipl. Eng. Ralf Weber

CEO of Adapton AG

About us

Adapton AG promotes sustainable solutions for energy problems. As a German engineering company, it provides economical and practical policies in order to achieve energy efficiency. In other words, Adapton helps companies, organizations and municipalities to plan their energy management, increasing their efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Ralf Weber founded the company in 2006 and has been the chief executive ever since.  

How we relate to the BJF

“We are sustainability experts and it is a major concern for us to protect our natural heritage. I was very happy when I heard about the Black Jaguar Foundation. Preserving nature is most important when nature is still intact and flourishing in its most magnificent way. So we became a donor and supporter of the Black Jaguar Foundation. The success of this project will benefit all of us and will be an inspiration for all who care in Germany.”