“The project of the BJF to restore two of the planets most precious ecosystems is vital for us and our children’s future. Supporting the BJF is our commitment to the world.”

Hai Berden

Founder Seacon Logistics

About our Company

Seacon Logistics is the leading logistics chain director with a maritime character. In collaboration with our partners, we offer total logistics solutions based on a worldwide presence in more than 75 countries. Seacon is leading in applying the multimodal transport concept with which we reduce environmental impact and limit CO2 emissions.

How we relate to the BJF

We recognize ourselves in the Black Jaguar foundation and want to help make other people and companies enthusiastic to help this project as well. What Seacon learnt from the Black Jaguar Foundation is that the environment is even more important than everybody realizes. We think the work of the BJF is a beautiful initiative, bringing back a part of nature.