”De Heus constantly invests in research and knowledge in animal science and nutrition, believing that social and nutritional responsibility are very important for the entire production chain. Thus, as agents of transformation, we want to help society and the environment more and more, creating and investing in actions that reinforce the importance of adopting sustainable practices, so that the available resources are used in a rational manner. We are proud to be partners of the Black Jaguar Foundation because, by joining forces, we are increasingly contributing to the well-being of society as a whole and to the future of our planet.”


President at De Heus Brasil Nutrição Animal and Latin America Director at Royal De Heus

About our company

De Heus is an international organization of Dutch origin, with a leading position in the animal nutrition industry, developing all groups of nutritional products – from premixes and cores to concentrates and complete feeds.

In Brazil, we have six industrial units: Rio Claro/ SP (2), Apucarana/ PR, Toledo/ PR, Guararapes/ SP and Itaberaí/ GO; an administrative unit in Campinas/ SP and two distribution centers in Caruaru/ PE and Contagem/ MG.

How we relate to the BJF

At De Heus, we contribute to the availability and accessibility of safe and healthy food worldwide. We do this with the utmost care for the climate, the environment and animal welfare.

We seek to do our part in building a more sustainable future through the Responsible Feeding program, which allows us to create sustainable value throughout the food chain, in addition to supporting producers with our nutritional programs.

Day after day, we work on the continuous optimization of feed conversion: transforming vegetable raw materials into animal proteins in the most efficient way possible. In addition, we continuously and freely share our nutritional knowledge in all the countries in which we operate. In this way, we also support local breeders in their continued professionalization and progress.