“Investing in Single Malt Whisky with a return for mankind.’’

Paul van der Hulst

Chief Commercial Officer

About us

The company Scotch Whisky International (SWI) is specialized in offering assistance to whisky collectors concerning Single Malt Whiskies. Focusing on the ever-increasing scarcity of this exclusive drink, SWI aims to advise investors and collectors on the most relevant opportunities of casket or bottled Single Malt Whisky. SWI offers full services for anyone who combines an interest in Single Malt Whisky with an economic approach to the value of this artisan product.

How we relate to the BJF

SWI is a proud Corporate Friend of the Black Jaguar Foundation and will positively involve its customers to create an effective return for mankind by supporting the BJF. On top of that, a donation is made to BJF, following an investment to SWI made by BJF Supporting and Corporate Friends.