“Man is Nature’s sole mistake.” – William S. Gilbert


Managing Director – Kienbaum Netherlands

About us

Kienbaum believes in “turning people into progress” by creating the perfect match between individuals and companies. With 34 offices in 18 countries, the company is a global top 10 player that is well positioned to secure and develop top quality in management all over the world.

Kienbaum brings potential to life by moving beyond traditional structures, processes and project organizations. They believe that diversity is the key to coming up with innovative and creative solutions to the problems of tomorrow. That’s why Kienbaum focusses on recruiting individuals of diverse age, gender, education, and cultural background.

How we relate to the BJF

“BJF is striving to set man’s mistakes right, helping to restore two of the world’s most precious ecosystems by establishing a corridor in the Amazon and Cerrado in which all flora and fauna can grow. Similarly Kienbaum Netherlands transforms organisations to restore their ecosystem, to establish an environment in which human talent can grow and contribute to sustainable success.’’ – Hans Jonkers.

Kienbaum has recently committed to planting 10 trees in the name of every new person that they place. This will serve as a beautiful metaphor of how the individual’s growth together with the company will forever be linked to the growth of the trees planted in their name!