“Passing on my inspiration for the BJF to my husband Prof. Dr. Horzinek.’’


Wife of BJF Ambassador Prof. Marian Horzinek

About me

The warmhearted Yvonne Roijackers was the Black Jaguar Foundation’s very first Supporting Friend. She made her donation to sponsor window 354 even before the first campaign site went live. As the wife of our Ambassador Prof. Dr. Horzinek, she learned about the dream of BJF’s initiator Ben Valks to help restore the balance between nature and mankind. Sadly, Yvonne passed away in 2013 after her battle with cancer.

How I relate to the BJF

Yvonne dedicated her donation and support in the name of her husband Prof. Dr. Marian Horzinek, who became the first official Ambassador of the Black Jaguar Foundation and was a great advocate for the BJF right until his own passing. Her support to the BJF has been and continues to be a source of light and energy to all of us at the BJF and helps us to keep fighting for our ambitious mission. We thank you, Yvonne.