As a society we have to give something back to mankind.”


Owner and Managing Director

About us

Van den Weghe is known around the world as a high-end natural stone company with a sharp eye for luxury designs. Aesthetics, innovation and quality rule the company. “We believe architecture and design are of primary importance, which is why we want to pay tribute to natural stone and its various applications. After all, the symbiosis of technology, art and craftsmanship is a continuing endeavor. Lap is the name of our line of innovative product developments. These state of the art plug sockets and switches find their international way to both classic and contemporary (modern) interiors.”

How we relate

Van den Weghe is fully aware of its environmental impact: the company depends on our planet’s natural stones to sustain its activities. The company realizes that the process of mining has negative consequences and is convinced that social involvement is an essential part of managing its business. To give back to the earth it relies on, Van den Weghe is proud to donate 1% of its turnover over a period of time in 2017 to the Black Jaguar Foundation.