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Engaging new landowners: BJF Araguaia roadshow

By 8. August 2019October 13th, 2021News Home

Last July our forest engineer- Eduardo Oliveira – and our project coordinator – Dimitrio Schievenin – went on a roadshow throughout the Araguaia region. The goal of the roadshow was to spread the news about the BJF to new landowners, regional stakeholders, and public agencies. They had many meetings, including with the secretaries of environment of Marianópolis, Caseara and Santana do Araguaia, secretaries of agriculture of Caseara and Santana do Araguaia, members of rural syndicates and agencies of Tocantins State. There was great interest to learn more about the project and the advantages of ecological restoration from all of these entities.

It was impressive to see the commitment of public agencies to the environment- even in very small towns! Angela Barbosa, secretary of environment of Marianópolis, was very proud to partner with the BJF and promised an articulation with local landowners. Legislators of Caseara suggested schoolchildren visit BJF nursery for environmental education. The BJF really looks forward to help these municipalities in re-greening areas of their land. 

You can see the local newspaper article written about the BJF here