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Ben Valks

Diamond Friends, Get Ready!

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After months of dedicated craftsmanship, award-winning sculptor Chris Tap did it again! He crafted another sculpture and donated it to the BJF. This third in his family of jaguar heads is life-size and is now part of the benefit package for BJF Diamond Friends. Thank you, Chris, for your incredible support to our foundation!

BJF Sponsor Partner: Actiforce

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Actiforce is a family-owned global business that provides exceptionally high-quality height adjustable desk frames for enhanced ergonomics. The company started in Holland, but ambition took them global!

CEO Jason de Weerd: “Aiming simply for more and more revenue. Is that all we’re going to pass on to the next generation? We really wanted to give something meaningful back to the world. That’s why we are proud to be part of the Black Jaguar Foundation.”

Watch the Actiforce video in English

Watch the Actiforce video in Portuguese

Watch the Actiforce video in German

Difference between Reforestation and Restoration

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Reforestation is a generic term for replanting trees in a specific area with various goals, including (ecological) restoration. The restoration concept relates to a more complex and essential process that “assists the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed” (SER, Society for Ecological Restoration).

In the case of a forest, we can say that planting trees or seeds is the fundamental step to bring a degraded area closer to its original state. A newly planted forest creates the ideal conditions that both prevent invasive species from taking over and encourage a diverse set of species to flourish in a degraded area, allowing the rebirth of ecosystem dynamics and services.

Therefore, conceptually speaking, it is correct to assume that the BJF, along with its technical partners, is developing a reforestation endeavour with ecological restoration purposes along the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, by planting the correct mix of indigenous trees and accelerate nature’s process of regeneration.

BJF Team Member:
Guilherme Fleury

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Guilherme Fleury is a devoted BJF Team member in Brazil. With a rich background as an agronomist, he has lived in many states in Brazil and uses his experience in the field to work with our technical restoration partners. Gui is also a board member of BJF Brazil. Thank you, Guilherme, for your continuous energy and genuine care for nature!

BJF Team Member:
Ana Paula Aquino

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Meet Ana Paula Aquino, one of our new warm hearted BJF Team Members in Brazil. Ana Paula is known as the ‘Voice of Brazil’ and her famous voice represents leading brands in commercials. With extensive experience in dramatic arts in Brazil and New York, she is an expert in voice-overs and broadcasting productions. Ana Paula recently donated her talent to record the Brazilian version of our trailers and key video testimonials.

BJF Sponsor Partner:
Scelta Mushrooms

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At Scelta Mushrooms everything revolves around mushrooms. Based in the Netherlands, they process a wide range of high-quality mushroom products – from freshly frozen and preserved mushrooms with extended shelf life to healthier appetizers and natural taste enhancers – with exports to over 64 countries.

The raw materials from these products come directly from nature and Scelta is proud to contribute to restoring that same nature on a global scale as partner of the BJF.

“Our success would not be possible without mother nature and we hope our partnership with BJF will help others to decide to join this beautiful initiative.”