“We are proud to house the Black Jaguar Foundation in our ScaleHub Amsterdam offices, and to contribute to their important work, to improve the lives of all our future generations.”


Founder & CEO, Scalehub

About us

ScaleHub is an innovative, office concept space for scale-ups. Founded in 2016, ScaleHub has grown rapidly and has already opened five office locations in prime areas across Amsterdam. By providing a comprehensive office experience, ScaleHub allows entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses, in a collaborative, community environment, whilst still offering all the perks of a private office space.

Thom van Wijk, CEO and Founder of ScaleHub Offices embarked on this venture after years working in the Human Resoures sector. First initiating the co-working space StartHub with five others, and soon developing this into the high-quality office concept that is now ScaleHub.

How we relate to the BJF

ScaleHub is extremely proud to house the office realising one of the largest reforestation projects on earth. ScaleHub focuses on innovation, collaboration and sustainability, and we see this ethos mirrored in the Black Jaguar Foundation. After meeting the team and learning about the project we are inspired by the work being done. We look forward to coming on this epic journey with them and helping them to grow as an organisation.