“We need to save the Amazon Forest.
Ecological Restoration is essential”

Prof. Carlos Nobre

Earth System Scientist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner,
Guardian of the Amazon & BJF Ambassador 


Prof. Carlos Nobre is a leading Earth System Scientist well-know in Brazil and beyond. His work as co-author of the IPCC report won the Nobel Peace prize in 2007.

Renowned for his research on global warming, he contributed to the Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in the Amazon (LBA), enhancing our understanding of the Amazon rainforest’s importance and its influence on Earth’s systems, impacting the planet as a whole.


The Amazon Rainforest is close to reaching a tipping point towards the degradation of the whole biome. Already today degradation, is creating significant risks to biodiversity and the climates of South America and the world.

Achieving zero deforestation and restoring degraded areas are imperative. This is why I am proud to support the Black Jaguar Foundation’s project as an ambassador. Together we can restore and protect the Amazon.