“Restoring and regreening our planet needs a radical change, that starts with ourselves.”

Annemieke Gerritsen-Nouwens


Working for a private, charitable fund made me more aware of my love for nature and nature conservation but also that we have over-exploited our planet. We simply cannot take more from our planet than she can give us. We need to change, radically, and change starts with ourselves. I strongly believe that together, we can empower the capacity of the collective. The joint capacity of individuals can become a catalyst for a collective responsibility that makes a difference!


When I met Ben Valks in 2018 and read his book, I was immediately impressed with his dedication and passion. Through the years I have followed BJF and watched it growing. And with every step BJF took, I was more impressed! Their goal to plant 1.7 billion native trees in the corridor is a very realistic dream. It was about time that I became a friend of the organisation to support them personally.