“I am proud to have the last window at TheFirst600 campaign site, hopefully all windows will be colored green very soon.”


Senior Colorist – Post production

About me

‘‘During the past eighteen years, I have excelled as a colorist in the post-production of documentaries and films, but also worked on the (image) post production of commercials and drama series. Other than dedicating my time in studios, I love to travel. During the past years, I have been able to combine working as colorist for a documentary series abroad in several countries around the world withs enjoying the beautiful nature of these countries.’’




How I relate to the BJF

‘‘During several jobs that I carried out as a freelance colorist at the Cinemeta building, I learned about the mission and ambition of the BJF. When I had the chance to sponsor the very last window of TheFirst600 campaign, I took my chance. Hopefully all windows before me will be colored green very soon.’’