“At Perdrix, we believe our species was given the gift of intelligence to defend Mother Nature and her creatures, not destroy them.

Matthew Ciccone


About our Company

Perdrix Ventures LLC was founded in 2020 with the principal goal of untapping the potential of North Texas through environmental and cultural development. We’ve since evolved to add a growing portfolio of private assets in disruptive, cutting-edge technologies. Each year, we aim to repurpose a significant portion of our revenue towards global conservation efforts in the form of charitable donations or private investments in sustainable agriculture and green technology companies.

How we relate to the BJF

It is time to shift the conversation away from fossil fuels and towards the impact agriculture is having, not just on climate change, but the health of our species and thousands of other species. This project is a step in the right direction towards helping the world see the impact the way we eat and the way we farm has on biodiversity and our climate.