“We decided to fully support the BJF through developing its campaign website.”


Founding Partner & BJF Team

About us

Co-founded by Matthijs van Schendelen, the Endeavour Group is formed by seven agencies, specialized in communication and marketing, design and digital strategy. Each brand is a piece of the puzzle for an integral marketing communication service.

The body is composed by the agencies Brewwwers, Mad, Math & Mates, DBOM, 3sixtyfive, Hellodialog, Coster Copy and PXL Widgets, which are key supporters of the Black Jaguar Foundation.

How we relate to the BJF

“We decided to fully support the BJF by developing its campaign site TheFirst600. We are inspired by the endless positive energy of the BJF Team in restoring the Amazon rainforest. In fact, we fully depend on this habitat too! It’s in our DNA to support and promote the great cause of the Black Jaguar Foundation.”

The agency’s professionals jumped in the BJF project and developed its campaign website TheLast600 which in 2018 was revamped into TheFirst600.