“This is such a fantastic opportunity to intimately collaborate with a wonderful
organisation that is impacting such an important environmental cause.”

Alex  & Layla Comninos

About us

Layla is a Brazilian photographer and videographer who collaborates with leading fashion brands in her professional life. Her true passion lies in her personal work where her focus is primarily on natural landscapes and communities in the outdoors. Alex recently moved to Brazil from his native UK, where he continues to work in the digital and innovation space. Outside of the office time is most spent cheering for his beloved Liverpool football club or playing racket sports.

How we relate to the BJF

“Environmental preservation and sustainable living are subjects close to our hearts. We were lucky to meet Francisco and the team who shared a clear vision of what could be achieved with a careful and strategic approach to reforestation in the corridor. The project presented a perfect opportunity to stay close to, and support, a cause that allowed our actions to lead to more tangible impact.”