“Research is useful only if it is put into action and I am happy to contribute my knowledge to the BJF Team.”


Jaguar Biologist – Postdoc Aveiro University Portugal


About me

Nuno is a Portuguese biologist and an expert on environmental education with a passion for mammalian carnivore ecology and conservation. He is particularly keen on making effective contributions to and devising novel solutions for improving the coexistence between carnivores and people. After three years of wildlife management in Portugal, Nuno went to Brazil to do his Ph.D. on Jaguar ecology and conservation in tropical rainforest areas of the Cerrado and Amazon, for the Aveiro University in Portugal. Currently, Nuno works as a jaguar researcher in Bolivia, in which scientific research, citizen science and environmental education can be combined and as such effectively applied in nature conservation initiatives.


How I relate to the BJF

“After more than three years of jaguar research in the Amazon for my Ph.D., I felt that it was time to take my experience to the next level. I now have the chance to contribute to a project which started with the search for black jaguars and transformed into a very large land restoration project, which will not only positively affect the symbolic jaguar, but, in fact, all of us. Research is useful only if it is put into action. I was lucky that I met Ben Valks during my field research and witnessed this foundation being born. In the summer of 2016, I guided the first BJF Diamond Friends into the heart of the Araguaia Corridor, which was my jaguar research territory for over two years. Hopefully, I will be able to dedicate more of my time and knowledge to this important land restoration project in the years to come.”