“We apply our expertise to support the BJF with  media productions.”


Owner – Cinemeta

About us

Managing Director Ru van Meeteren has elevated his company Cinemeta to the top media segment in the post production-film industry. His company uses its state of the art facilities for audio and visual editing, also to the benefit of BJF video productions. Cinemeta Digital is a full service company for all sound and video editing. Their clients range from film and television producers to broadcasting networks, and from advertising agencies to businesses.

How we relate to the BJF

Ru van Meeteren : “During the preparation stage of the Black Jaguar Foundation, Cinemeta was pleased to offer our sound and video editing services for the film and video trailers of the Black Jaguar Foundation. We are also proud to say that our office building in the Netherlands has become the home base of the Black Jaguar Foundation.”