“My musical adventure started when I was four years old. Playing in an orchestra was the main drive for me to keep in touch with my violin all those years, and now I want to make it my profession! When I joined the UvA-orchestra J. Pzn. Sweelinck, my eyes were opened for all the beautiful things you can achieve with making music together.”

Mirre Valks



This oldest symphony orchestra of Amsterdam is filled with 85 inspired and enthousiastic young musicians, all students. Through the years, Sweelinck has performed multiple great works, has accompanied the greatest soloists and most importantly, brought up the musical spirit among many people, young and old. The aim of this orchestra is to bring music to everyone, not only the common music enthousiast, but especially those who did not ever go to a classical concert before.


Each two years, the Sweelinck orchestra leaves the Netherlands for a new country, to bring music to all people there and to enhance the team spirit within the orchestra. Such tours are very important to the development of the students and to set our musical programme in a new light. The awareness of our ecological footprint becomes larger and larger and this beautiful foundation was the light at the end of our tunnel. Together we can use our musical voice and the endless effort of the BJF to raise more awareness for what we have and what we have to restore.