“The biggest risk in life, is to risk nothing.”


BJF Initiator


About me

Ben initiated the Black Jaguar Foundation in 2009. Ben is a nature lover, adventurer and entrepreneur. During his numerous jaguar expeditions it was not the black jaguar he encountered, but the drastically deforested Amazon. It was there that he learned about the impact of the drastic deforestation in Brazil and the destructive consequences on the world’s most vital ecosystems for humanity. Instead of returning to business as usual, he initiated the BJF and now fully devotes his energy and skills to making the dream of the Black Jaguar Foundation come true. The book ‘No Risk, No Life’ tells the story of chasing dreams and adventures which led to the Black Jaguar Foundation.


How I relate to the  BJF

‘“We all have the power to change… so what are we waiting for?” is the message from the documentary ‘HOME’. This message deeply resonated with me and I still live by it every day. Donating part of my life to contribute to large-scale conservation projects through the BJF came unexpectedly. It feels good to halt my business goals for now and live my dream to contribute to restoring the balance between people and nature.’