“The earth is not our only common heritage, it is also the source of life.” (Dalai Lama)

Jan Ludwig

Real Estate Agent/Real Estate Investor

About our Company

Ludwig Immobilien is a real estate boutique for residential concepts, land, developments and real estate investments based in Frankfurt. In the search for new perspectives, we reliably show you the way in the field of professional real estate brokerage. Discreetly, subtly and with excellent contacts. Many years of expertise and an extensive network enable us to recognize emerging potential of the real estate market at an early stage. The targeted acquisition of rare and sought-after investment opportunities, plots of land and the conversion of commercial properties into residential properties are among our specialties. We dedicate ourselves personally, with commitment and focus to every task – whether classic brokerage, structured transaction consulting or individual inquiries.

How we relate to the BJF

In 2015 I heard about the great work of the Black Jaguar Foundation for the first time during a New Vision + Power workshop. Since then we have made a commitment to give back and donate to a select number of organizations that also share what they have. Only those who share will get rich! The Black Jaguar Foundation has definitely become a charity that we want to give back to.