“Scelta connects!”

Jan Klerken

CEO Scelta Mushrooms

About us

“The Scelta Institute is the headquarters of Scelta Mushrooms, the organization responsible for sales and marketing in the Netherlands for our five factories. We are the largest producers in the world of frozen mushrooms. In more than 80 countries worldwide, billions of our mushrooms are used for their exceptional quality as we are a supplier to all the leading brands in the food industry, food service and retail.”

How we relate to the BJF

“One of the key values of our company is sustainability, which has a strong connection with the Black Jaguar Foundation. All over the world, we connect people with mushroom products that are tastier, healthier and more sustainable than ever. Our success would not be possible without Mother Nature, so we treat the earth with respect in our processes. We hope our partnership with the BJF will help others to decide to join this wonderful initiative.”