“It is too late to be a pessimist. We all have the power to change.”


Film director & Environmentalist


About me

The documentary ‘HOME’ by Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a beautifully shot narrative about planet Earth and the negative effects inflicted on it by modern humanity. It has already been viewed over 600 million times across the globe! With astonishing aerial footages, ‘HOME’ is not only evidence of the unique beauty of our planet, but also delivers a strong message about the drastic way we humans have negatively impacted the planet. “We are destroying the balance the earth created a billion years ago. In the past 50 years, we caused more damage to our planet than in all previous 200,000 years of mankind’s existence. Sure, life is good now, but something is bound to happen. We don’t realize the excessive impact we have on the earth.”


How we relate to the BJF

“Overconsumption exhausts our resources. Change can only happen if we’re all aware of the problem. We know solutions exist. It is too late to be a pessimist. We all have the power to change. What are we waiting for?”

This beautiful, inspiring and powerful documentary ‘HOME’ and its message that ‘we all have the power to change’ has inspired the Black Jaguar Foundation to expand its mission from ‘just’ making a documentary about the mythical black jaguar to where it stands today: contributing to restoring the balance between nature and mankind. Thank you, Yann and all the members of your dedicated team at GoodPlanet Foundation!